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Variable Frequency Drives,
Active Front End Drives and
Harmonic Solutions
Custom all Aluminum
Site or Factory Assembled
Air Handling Units
Engineered Airflow
Measurement and Control
Air and Water Cooled Modular
Medical and Turbocor Chillers
Industrial Premium Efficiency
Electric Motors
Prefabricated mechanical penthouses, DX, Cleanrooms, Hospitals, and custom AHU's
Engineered Air Mixing Systems
and Equipment
Clean Room Environments
Modular Ceiling Hung
Plenum with Integrated
Filtration and MEP Systems
for Hospitals and OR's
Humidification and Evaporative
Cooling Solutions
Active Chilled Beams, Induction
Diffusers and Induction Unit Retrofits
Environmental Control for
Mission Critical Spaces and
Indoor Grow Facilities
The Science of Clean Air TM
High Efficiency Electronic
Air Cleaners
VAV Terminal Units,
Fan Coil and Air Handling Units
Custom Air Handling Units,
Axial Fans for HVAC, Smoke,
Tunnel and Garage Ventilation
Custom Air Handling Units,
Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Systems, Energy Recovery Ventilators, Dedicated DOAS, Indoor Units (various configurations), Controls
Custom Air Handling Units,
Evaporative Condensing Units,
Vertical Self Contained
AHU's and Prepackaged
Mechanical Plants
SmartStack™ - Active Sensing for Lab Exhaust
Custom and Packaged Cooling
Solutions for Data Centers
Precision Airflow Control for
Fume Hoods, Laboratory and
Critical Healthcare Environments
Specializing in technologically advanced exhaust systems for laboratory fume hoods and energy recovery systems.
Custom Site or Factory,
Assembled Air Handling Units,
FANWALLTM, and Coils
Energy Recovery Wheels
Single phase UPS (1-20kVA)
Three phase UPS Lithium Ion (100kVA-2,000kVA) and UL924 Emergency Lighting Systems
Industry leading designer and manufacturer of high quality custom, semi-custom, and standard fans.
UV Resources manufactures a
full line of UV-C products for the
HVACR industry
Dedicated Outside Air Units,
Energy Recovery Units, DX Cooling
and Gas Heat
Custom Site or Factory,
Assembled Air Handling Units,
FANWALLTM, and Coils
Engineered Noise
and Vibration Solutions

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