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Dadanco is a manufacturer of a variety of active and passive cooling and heating solutions including chilled beams, induction units, radiant panels, and more. Dadanco owns its state-of-the-art testing facility in Westfield, MA, where their products are perfected for a range of applications including but not limited to hospitals, laboratories, hotels, office buildings, and educational institutions.

Posted By: J Shanley
Loren Cook is a premiere manufacturer of blowers and fans across all markets in the greater HVAC universe. With over 75 years of experience in the fan industry, Cook continues to innovate and provide solutions intended to meet demanding projects and applications.

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Dynamic V8 Filters are a cutting edge filtration solution that save building owners money. Dynamic uses angled filter racks to reduce filter face velocity and static pressure while 360 degree fiber loading eliminates regular maintenance. When its fibers are charged, Dynamic V8s provide a MERV 15 filtration rating.

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APA proudly represents Entrematic for its line of "High Volume-Low Speed" ceiling fans. Learn more how Entrematic's solutions provide comfort to building occupants and flexibility to project managers.

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New Comcast Technology Center is a Smart Building featuring Dadanco Active Chilled Beams!! Click "Read More" below and watch video!!

Posted By: Linda Otoole

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